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Leading the Asset and Fund Recovery Industry, LegitCryptoScamRecovery Technology provides each client with a bespoke solution for their case.



Our team employs a variety of methods, including Open Source Intelligence in order to provide the raw data needed for our team.



We track the movement of most cryptocurrencies and assets. If the cryptocurrency has been moved, we are able to follow it.

Over 2300+ Cases solved & Assets recovered

Why Choose Us

why choose us to recover your lost funds

Fund Recovery

we help people like you get their money back in a proven, quick, simple and efficient method! We helped numerous clients so far, and recovered a formidable amount of wealth. Thousands of cybercriminals can be found on the web, each attempting a new and inventive method of stealing your money, whether through a Crypto Trade, Fake Tax Collectors, Forex, or the old Binary Options scam.

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Scam Investigation Services

Our investigators are international experts at identifying the perpetrators behind investment scams, asset recovery scams, romance scams, and email scams. As global industry pioneers, we understand the ever-changing methods used by global scam syndicates and can identify the individuals involved.

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Collaboration with Police

While police departments have experience in scam investigations, their capability and resources are simply overwhelmed by the vast number of reports received. In turn, they are not able to provide victims with the service they deserve. As a private cyber fraud investigation company, we offers immediate attention, unparalleled capabilities, and custom-built technology to identify scammers anywhere.

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We are Legit Crypto Scam Recovery

Legit Crypto Scam Recovery is differentiated by the caliber of our diverse team. Our culture of access and inclusion has built our legacy and shapes our future, helping to strengthen our business and bring value to clients.

We Provide our clients with experienced expert Insight.


Global Cases


Clients Protected


Funds Recovered



Our impact in 2022

Brought 808 disciplinary actions against registered brokers and firms for unethical behavior.

Levied $57.0 million in fines and Ordered $325.2 million in restitution to harmed investors.

Referred more than 970 fraud and insider trading cases to the SEC, the FBI and other agencies for litigation and/or prosecution.

What We Offer

Our Services includes

Cyber Fraud Investigation

Are you the victim of an online scam or cyber fraud operation? Romance scams, investment fraud or phishing attacks: We understand the methods used by global scam syndicates and can identify the individuals involved. We work closely with international law enforcement to bring those responsible to justice.

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Cryptocurrency Tracing

Using our AI tools, we help victims of cryptocurrency and trading platform scams through investigation, disruption and recovery operations. Whether it’s Bitcoin, USDT, Litecoin, Ether or other cryptocurrencies, we can help you recover your investment by tracing the transactions through the blockchain to identify the destination wallet.

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Cyber Insurance Investigation

For the past five years, we have pioneered cyber investigations for the insurance industry. Our products reduce risk and increase profits for our clients by either validating or refuting claims and identifying red flags. We are recognised leaders in our field and utilise cutting-edge technologies and techniques to optimise results.

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Social Media Investigation

We provide social media investigations for individuals and businesses experiencing online harassment and impersonation. Using custom-built tools, we specialise in exposing offenders hiding behind anonymous accounts, helping influencers protect their brand reputation and discreetly reveal online cyberbullies.

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Assets Recovery

Combining in-house expertise and international partners, we offer professional asset recovery services for victims of scams and fraud: we can identify the offender using our state-of-art investigation techniques and assist in recovery.

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Corporate due Diligence

We provide detailed risk assessments by forensically examining a company or person’s background for any signs of wrongdoing or risk using our corporate due diligence investigations. We work with businesses looking for executive hires, mergers, acquisitions and major contracts.

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General Questions Frequently Asked Questions?

It may seem and sound impossible, which is why you have experts hands from our team make this happen.

We have built a vast and wide database that captures cyber criminals globally and this is updated every single day. This is to ensure that both the movement of the funds and customers are on track.

Pending on the depth of stolen funds, we can asure you of recovering over 75% of assets in funds and properties.

Fill Online Form stating all the details. Upon receipt of these details, the Firm has the sole discretion to request for more information to enable its Forensic Examination. If your case scales through this process, the recovery process shall commence.

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